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best tips to consider before buying a domain name

When buying a domain name, remember that it's not just a website address. It acts as a brand of a company. Before buying one, make sure you do your homework and choose a name that meets your customers' needs. 

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 the 11 best tips to consider before buying a domain name

To make your choice easier, we have put together 11 tips for you.

1. Check your competitors' websites.

First, check the brand names of your competitors' websites and blogs. Make sure you choose a name that is relevant to your business. For example, if you sell bicycles or motorcycles, the domain must contain the term bicycle or bike.

You should also use a tool to find out if your favorite name is available. If it is not available, you can slightly change the desired name.

2. choose something that is easy to type and remember

It is important to choose a web address that is easy to type, pronounce and remember. Therefore, the domain name must not contain odd spellings, dashes or numbers. If someone can't type in a name as soon as they hear it, it's considered a difficult domain name. For example, the term "katz4life" is harder to remember than the term "catsrock".

Likewise, it is best to avoid words that contain similar spellings, such as ambient and ambient.

3. choose a shorter name

Make sure you choose a domain name that your customers can easily remember. Therefore, it is better to choose something short. If the domain name contains more than one word, people will need to remember all the words. While it's hard to find a one-word name that isn't already taken, you can find it with just a few minutes of searching.

4. consider new extensions

Today, the average length of a commercial domain name (.com) is around 15 characters. That's a lot of characters, even if they are split into several words. Over the past two decades, the number of domain extensions has increased. We now have around 300 extensions.

It is not necessary to choose a .com extension. If you are looking for a different extension, you can buy a domain that is easy to remember.

5. Check social media platforms.

Before getting the domain name you want, make sure it's available as a handle to your social media accounts. Having the same name on social media and the same domain name is a great idea for promoting your brand. It will also make it easier for visitors to discover your brand on social media sites.

6. avoid trademarks

Make sure your domain name does not contain any branding. For example, it is not possible to include the word "Nike" or "Facebook" in the desired domain name. This will get you into trouble and you could be sued by these companies.

In short, we suggest you consider these 6 tips before choosing your desired domain name. We hope these tips will help you make the best choice.

7. Choose a memorable domain

Small and medium businesses often rely on word of mouth to build a strong following and reach. So if you want your brand to spread faster and attract more visitors to your website, we recommend choosing a memorable domain that's easy to understand.

Ask groups of people within your target audience for feedback. How does this branding sound to you at first glance? What does he remind you of? You'll quickly get an idea of how your target audience will perceive your brand.

8. Use area selection tools

If you're stuck looking for the perfect domain name, there are plenty of tools on the internet that can help you choose a domain. However, only consider this as a last resort as it may not be the best solution for SEO.

9. Make it unique

Your domain is part of your brand. It is important for you and your users that it stands out. A domain that looks like another famous brand is never a good idea as it could be confusing.

Be careful not to be too unique, as an alternative spelling of a common word can cause big problems. An example cited in the eBook The art of SEO: mastering SEO is the famous image site Flickr.

The site's founders had set up their section but stopped using the usual flicker.com spelling, potentially losing visitors as a result. They ended up having to buy the written domain and redirect the additional domain to Flickr.com.

10. Choose a.COM

If building a long-lasting brand on the internet is important to you, perhaps nothing beats a.com. Use a 301 redirect to direct visitors to a.com. Internet o.org is top-notch, but owning .com or the equivalent TLD for your target market country is crucial.

There are several reasons for this, but the most important is for your users. Although there are hundreds of TLDs to choose from, .com is still the most trusted.

Many internet users are still unaware that competing TLDs exist and may be reluctant to click when they see one. Make life easier for your customers and choose a.com. You will thank me in the long run.

11. Consider using "niche" keywords that reflect your website.

Our site is primarily concerned with web development or helping people create a website. So we decided to add a name that reflects everything: "website". Obviously website.com (or .org, .net) was no longer available, we chose "WebsiteSetup".

Keywords can help improve SEO - in this case, you need to act with caution! If you try to clumsily enter keywords in your domain, it will appear generic (as we have already said).

If you decide to use keywords, put them at the beginning of your domain. That's where they are most powerful for your ranking.

You can find keywords using tools like Google Keyword Planner and Keywordtool.io.

12. Check that it is not a registered trademark or is already in use.

Before proceeding with a particular domain name, check if the name is available on social media sites and if any trademarks have already been registered for that name.

To build your brand, it is ideal to have the same name in your domain and in social media. This creates familiarity and makes it easier to find visitors, fans, and customers on the Internet.

Avoid legal problems; you should stay away from names that already have brands.

How can you quickly check social networks and brands for your potential domain name?

It's easy with a tool like Knowem. Search for your potential domain name - it will show you if it's available on over 25 popular social networks and if there are already registered trademarks for the name.

If it has already been taken, consider optimizing it to create original social media profiles.

how to buy domain name and hosting from godaddy

Many customers have requested a step-by-step video on how to buy a domain name and hosting from GoDaddy. This video explains how to do that.

Domain name buying tips

Domain names can be purchased from domain name registrars.
  1. The .com name is considered the most prestigious, although it is more difficult to find a good name that is not already occupied. If you are based in the UK, you may prefer a .co.uk domain name.
  2. You may want to purchase variants of your domain name with other suffixes, usually to prevent others from using them. If one or more of these items are not available and you really want them, you may want to choose another domain name.
  3. The domain name must be short and easy to remember.
  4. If possible, avoid hyphens in your domain name.
  5. Do not purchase hosting from your domain name registrar. There are many reasons, the most important of which is the following:
  • Good domain name registrars are usually bad hosts.
  • It is easier to move hosting or domain if they are separate providers.
  • Increased security: If hosting and domains are in one place and hacked, hackers gain control of both.

Buying domains with GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the best known domain name registrars, which I'll use as an example here.

GoDaddy offers good prices, but it's not the easiest provider to use.

Note that I am using the UK version of the site to search for and purchase a .com and .co.uk domain name.


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